What is a polo shirt

•Polo shirt was originally called tennis shirt, which was worn by aristocrats when they played polo. Because it was too comfortable, they liked to wear short sleeve clothes with collar. As time goes by, people call it polo shirt. Later, it became popular among the public and evolved into general casual clothes.
•In fact, polo shirt has been very popular for many years. It has a unique sense of movement and leisure, especially the collar is a little like a shirt. Polo shirt will not be too casual or too serious at work. This is the charm of polo shirt.
•The collocation of polo shirt is also very versatile
•1.Polo shirt + jeans
•Polo shirt is a jacket with a more casual sense, simple but not casual, jeans is also a more casual style, the feeling of combining the two is also very harmonious, the comfort of jeans is just combined with the gentleness of polo shirt, looks young and energetic, is very suitable for young girls and boys.
• 2. Polo shirt + skirt.
• Many people think that a dress with a little formal style like polo shirt can only look normal when it is matched with pants. But in fact, polo shirt is also very good-looking when it is matched with short skirt. The cutting design of polo shirt is clean and neat, and with short skirt, the fresh and lively vitality comes out.

Post time: Jul-15-2021