Women wear T-shirt in summer, try to do “three don’t wear”, simple and durable, show exquisite!

•In the summer, in addition to skirts, what women wear most should be simple and casual T-shirts. Whether it’s pure cotton or silk, the biggest charm of T-shirt lies in its simple but classic appearance. Wearing T-shirt not only brings relaxation, but also has no problem with skirt or pants.

• Cool casual T-shirt, also don’t wear. Especially for women over 40 years old, they should pay attention to the sense of quality, so not any popular T-shirt is suitable for this age. If you want to choose a T-shirt that is simple and durable, but also in line with the characteristics of women of this age, you should start from three aspects.

1、 The fabric is light and cheap         

Many women wear T-shirts in summer for comfort and coolness, so they like to buy some loose T-shirts, which feel more cool and breathable. Not really. The main material of T-shirt is cotton, too light cotton material, especially not washable, wear a few times is easy to deformation and elongation, loose too ugly.

Another drawback of light color T-shirt is that the trace of underwear inside will be obvious. It’s too embarrassing for mature women. This is too casual, light T-shirt, a person at home to wear OK, do not go out to wear, you will make the whole person become very low.

The first choice of T-shirt is fabric. Generally speaking, the material of pure cotton is sweat absorbing and breathable, which is the first choice in summer. If you want a lighter T-shirt, you can choose a darker color, such as classic stripes, or black. Even if the texture is thinner, it won’t be as transparent and embarrassing as white.

The simple and detailed T-shirt shows fashion and fun, the loose version is more breathable and comfortable, and the versatile solid color also covers the flesh and shows thin. The letter printing process of the big body instantly improves the overall sense of fashion and makes wearing activities more comfortable and natural.

2、 The design style is out of grade   

Fabric determines the experience of wearing, while pattern and style determine the style of the whole T-shirt. For a mature woman in her 40s, T-shirt should bring you a relaxed and elegant feeling. You don’t need to choose some exaggerated, alternative patterns or some strange styles because you want to be young. For example, the T-shirt with holes everywhere is used by young girls to attract attention. For an elegant lady, it doesn’t match your style at all.

The essence of T-shirt is simple and easy, so you don’t need to use too much force and don’t want to be too unconventional. There are so many different styles, but the most popular ones are always the patterns and designs that turn complexity into simplicity. Minimalist black and white solid color T-shirt is good, want to show thin and fresh point, stripe is also a good choice. I think the monotonous, literary and artistic letter printing is beyond the age of the eternal existence, absolutely easy to match, and it is not easy to make mistakes than all kinds of printing patterns.

Fresh and Atmospheric Black and white stripes, with loose and comfortable version, showing the first-class thin effect. The fabric is comfortable and cool, the whole upper body is simple and elegant, and it does not lose the sense of young girls. The V-shaped neckline design of temperament makes you easily show the beautiful clavicle lines, no matter how to match.

Basic Pullover short sleeve T-shirt, solid color durable and easy to match. The biggest highlight is the love pattern on the chest, decorated with fashionable and exquisite beads. The loose Korean version is more suitable for summer wear, giving people a little fresh feeling, bringing a sense of wearing without pressure in summer.

3、 Too tight or too loose is ugly     

Finally, it depends on the style. Although the style of T-shirt is so simple, there are also some things to pay attention to. For a mature 40 year old woman, there is some flesh in her body, and it’s easy to accumulate in her waist and abdomen, so try not to choose those tight styles, which are too revealing and not very impressive. The popular T-shirt should also be careful. Although you can’t see the meat, it’s a little naive to wear such a T-shirt, which is easy to show bloated.

The most important thing about T-shirt is that it’s casual and comfortable. If it’s too tight, the whole person is jumping. If it’s too broad, it’s not spiritual. So if you want that kind of slim style, it’s a little looser than the body, and the effect is the best. Also, the collar and cuffs should not be too tight. The small round collar just gets stuck in the neck, which will make it fat. If the cuffs are too tight, the meat in the upper arm can’t be hidden.

The simple round collar solid color T-shirt and the retro printing pattern on the chest enhance the artistic charm and personality. Loose and casual version, covering meat, showing thin and improving temperament, easily create a variety of summer collocation.

Life is full of knowledge. For a delicate woman in her 40s, if you pay attention to the above three points in T-shirt selection, you can find the right one for you,

Post time: Jul-15-2021