• What is a polo shirt

    •Polo shirt was originally called tennis shirt, which was worn by aristocrats when they played polo. Because it was too comfortable, they liked to wear short sleeve clothes with collar. As time goes by, people call it polo shirt. Later, it became popular among the public and evolved into general ...
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  • Women wear T-shirt in summer, try to do “three don’t wear”, simple and durable, show exquisite!

    •In the summer, in addition to skirts, what women wear most should be simple and casual T-shirts. Whether it’s pure cotton or silk, the biggest charm of T-shirt lies in its simple but classic appearance. Wearing T-shirt not only brings relaxation, but also has no problem with skirt or pants...
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  • Forecast of market prospect and current situation of 2021 sweater industry

    •Women’s clothing style has a set head, cardigan, slim, long, short, sleeveless, and so on. Mainly fashion comfort, mostly relaxed leisure style. Men’s clothing style has a jacket, cardigan, long shirt, short shirt, etc. Mainly with fashion comfort, mostly business leisure, sports lei...
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